Photo downsizedHi!  My name is Nicole Stoner.  I am the Horticulture and Entomology Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Gage County.  I received two Bachelor degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, one in horticulture and one in entomology.  I then went on to UNL to receive my Masters Degree in Horticulture with a minor in Entomology.

I have always loved being outdoors.  I grew up just outside of a small town in Southeast Nebraska and would spend most of my summers outside.  I have loved plants since I was a little kid and I helped my mom with her garden.  Only a few short years later I was growing my own garden at the age of 12.  I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to go to college for, something in the horticulture field.  After a year in landscape design, I decided that landscape management was a better fit for me.

My love of insects was not always so easy for me to see, I really didn’t like bugs as a kid, which most kids don’t.  While in college, I took an entomology class for the basics to go with horticulture.  My professor was amazing and taught me to see how important insects are and how much impact they have on our way of life.  My love for insects completely overtook my life, as they are one of the most fascinating things to me.  I even have a terrarium full of cockroaches in my office as pets and to use to teach kids about insects.


cockroach terrarium


Block N color downsizedI have always loved being able to help people with their plant problems, so Extension was a good choice for me.  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln was an obvious choice for me over other Universities because I am a true Husker and I have always loved living in Nebraska.  I am able to teach people the proper ways to care for their landscapes and gardens and the best way to control insect pests and to protect beneficial insects.  I love my job because no two days are the same.

My blog will cover a wide range of topics including landscape plant care and selection, fruit and vegetable plant care and selection, turfgrass management, insect and disease pest management, and other related items.  I hope you enjoy this blog and are able to manage your Plants and Pests, everything from Aphids to Zinnias.

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