Gardening Gifts for the Holidays

Now that we are in December, the holiday shopping season has begun. There are only a few weeks left to shop for gifts for our friends and loved ones. If you have a gardener in your family, there are some great gardening gifts you can get for them to help them out next spring.


gardening-glovesGarden Gloves are essential for any gardener. They help keep your hands from getting torn up when pruning roses or other plants with thorns. Garden gloves also keep you from getting dirt caked onto your hands. In my case, my gloves give the pruners something else to hit before cutting my finger, which is why there is a hole in my old pair. Be sure to get the type of gardening gloves that the gardener on your shopping list likes, there are so many to choose from. I have a very nice pair that are breathable and have a nitrile covering over the palm and fingers to keep my hands protected when working in the garden. I have to have a pair that fits tightly to my hand and that breathes or I will not wear them and then I will have very rough, callused hands with many scratches and wounds. My garden gloves are a must in my garden bag.

anvil-vs-bypass-pruners-michigan-state-univEvery gardener needs a good selection of pruners. Hand pruners work best for pruning small branches on many of our shrubs and to cut back herbaceous perennials. Branches cut with hand pruners should be less than ½ inch or less in width. They also work well for deadheading during the summer months. Bypass pruners are preferred to the anvil type of pruners because they are less damaging to the plant stem when pruning. The anvil type of pruners crushes the stem as it cuts and can harm the plant.

Long-handled loppers are great for making pruning cuts on medium-sized branches, those that are ½ – 2 inches in width. There are many choices in your lopper purchases. Some have a standard length and some have telescoping handles, allowing them to be used higher into the tree or deeper into the shrub. Just like with the hand pruners, the bypass loppers are better than the anvil type.

For larger pruning jobs, a handsaw will be necessary. Again, there are many different types of handsaws you can purchase. I prefer the folding type which is safer and easier to transport because it fits nicely in my gardening bag.


You may not be able to purchase the plants your gardening enthusiast desires for the holiday season, but you can purchase gift cards. Get them a gift card to their favorite nursery, garden center, or online seed source. This way they can buy the plants they really want this spring.

If this gift giving is to someone who prefers house plants, you should be able to buy those at nurseries now. Or even choose a holiday plant like a poinsettia and they can keep it going for years to come.

If your gardener can’t get out and do a lot of gardening in the ground, containers are always a great gift. There are so many fun colors, shapes, and sizes of gardening containers and they are found at most garden centers year-round. This would add more planting locations to their container gardens.

Helpful extras

A cart is another great gardening tool. There are many types of carts or wheelbarrows that can be purchased and would be put to good use in any garden. If the gardener has an ATV, you can get a trailer cart that they can drive around with the ATV.

Even if your gardener has hoses, there is always need for more. Often our hoses get holes in them or just get old and a new one would be helpful. Maybe your gardener needs soaker hoses to water their garden better. And hose end sprayers and sprinklers can make a great gift to any gardener to help water all of their plants.

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